Collection: Joel Kinman

Joel Kinman is a passionate fly tyer based in the Coast Range of Oregon. He has been intermittently tying flies since he learned to tie as a sixth grade student in 1985.  Most recently, Joel has been focusing on Classic Saltwater flies such as Bob Clouser's "Clouser Minnow", Charles Smith's "Crazy Charlie", and Lefty Kreh's "Craft Fur Shrimp",   Saltwater flies originally intended for fishing the salt flats and tropical waters around the world. 

Joel loves sharing his limited knowledge of fly tying and fly fishing with others. When he's not at the tying bench, you'll find Joel out on the water with fly rod in hand. Joel's artistic eye and attention to detail result in beautiful flies that catch fish. His unique fly patterns are inspired by a life spent exploring and fishing the waters he knows so well.

Joel enjoys working with people new to the art of fly fishing and fly tying to promote the art he is passionate about. He hopes his flies at The Golden Tippet will help anglers create memories on the water which will last a lifetime.

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