Collection: Wet Flies

Golden Tippet's collection of wet flies is a celebration of the timeless tradition of sub-surface fly fishing. Our wet flies are tied with precision and an eye for subtlety, designed to sink below the water's surface and imitate aquatic insects in their nymphal or pupal stages, as well as baitfish and other underwater prey.

Crafted with soft, supple materials that mimic the natural movement of life underwater, our wet flies have the unique ability to entice fish through both their appearance and their motion. From the sleek and seductive patterns like winged wets to the pulsating allure of soft-hackles, each fly is constructed to provide a realistic presentation that can stimulate strikes from trout, grayling, and other game fish.

Our wet flies come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to match the local hatch or to stand out in off-colored water, giving anglers the versatility needed to adapt to changing conditions. With Golden Tippet wet flies in your arsenal, you'll be prepared to delve into the depths and connect with fish in their own element.