Collection: Hoppers

Golden Tippet's Hopper flies are a testament to our dedication to realism and functionality. As a staple in the terrestrial fly category, our grasshopper patterns are expertly tied to mimic the natural shape, color, and behavior of these insects, which are often a favorite meal for hungry trout, especially in the late summer months.

Our grasshopper flies feature buoyant bodies, lifelike legs, and precise detailing that make them virtually indistinguishable from the real thing on the water. The high-floating materials ensure that your fly stays on top of the surface, perfectly poised for a strike. We pay close attention to the silhouette and movement, ensuring that each hopper pattern has the right profile and action to tempt even the most selective of fish.

Whether you're casting along grassy banks or drifting over a bubbling stream, Golden Tippet's grasshopper flies are the go-to choice for anglers looking to capitalize on terrestrial season. With our flies, you can confidently deliver a natural presentation that will have the fish leaping for a taste of summer.