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Ally's Shrimp Orange

Ally's Shrimp Orange

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The Ally's Shrimp is a classic Atlantic salmon fly that was originated by Scottish angler A.A. Maclaren in the early 1900s. This versatile pattern imitates a small shrimp which salmon feed on in the ocean and estuaries.

This fly features a light green body, yellow hackle, and long flowing yellow wings. The green body represents the coloration of a shrimp's body and underside. The yellow hackle provides a solid collar around the hook shank. The flowing yellow wings imitate the legs and antennae of a shrimp as it flutters down through the water column.

The Ally's Shrimp can be fished effectively for Atlantic salmon, steelhead, and sea-run brown trout. It is extremely effective for salmon and steelhead holding in estuaries waiting to move upstream to spawn. Cast across-stream and let the fly swing down below you. The undulating hackle and wings create an erratic, lifelike movement in the water. Set the hook at the end of the swing. The Ally's Shrimp can also be fished as a wet fly, skated on the surface, or stripped steadily to entice vicious strikes.

Tie up the historic Ally's Shrimp in sizes 6-8 and fish it using a floating, sink tip, or sinking line depending on water depth. This proven pattern consistently produces incredible results for anglers chasing anadromous species across the globe.

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