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B C Hopper Dropper - (Pack of 3)

B C Hopper Dropper - (Pack of 3)

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The BC Hopper Dropper fly consists of a large foam hopper pattern trailed by a nymph or wet fly dropped off the back. This setup was popularized in British Columbia (BC) for targeting trout in rivers and streams.

The buoyant foam hopper acts as an indicator for the angler to track, while also imitating terrestrial insects like grasshoppers or crickets. 

The trailing nymph or wet fly sinks below the surface to mimic an emerging insect or vulnerable baitfish. Effective dropper flies include Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Hare's Ear Nymphs, Prince Nymphs, and small Woolly Buggers.

To fish it, cast the hopper/dropper rig up and across stream. Allow the flies to drift drag-free with the hopper indicating any subtle takes. The setup tempts trout looking up for terrestrials as well as those feeding below the surface. It's an effective technique for covering the water column.

The BC Hopper Dropper is a versatile combo for targeting trout feeding on multiple food sources. The surface hopper attracts aggressive fish, while the dropper fly appeals to more lethargic trout.

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