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Bead Head Baetis Nymph

Bead Head Baetis Nymph

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The Bead Head Baetis Nymph is a popular fly pattern used to imitate the nymph stage of small mayflies known as baetis. It was developed in the 1970s or 1980s as fly anglers sought to mimic the natural foods trout feed on.

Baetis mayflies are very common in trout streams and hatch off throughout much of the year. Their nymphs drift in the current prior to hatching into adults. Trout readily feed on the nymphs as they provide a protein-rich food source.

The Bead Head Baetis Nymph pattern imitates the slender, olive-colored nymph stage. It is typically tied on a size 18-22 hook with a gold or brass bead head, peacock herl body, brown or olive feather wingcase, and brown or olive tail. The heavy bead head helps sink the fly.

This simple pattern effectively imitates the natural nymphs. The combination of lifelike silhouette and bead head that gets the fly down to the trout has made the Bead Head Baetis Nymph a go-to fly for anglers fishing nymphs. It works well drifted along the bottom in deeper runs and riffles where trout feed.

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