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Eric Mueller

Beast Fly - Light orange body and dark orange head

Beast Fly - Light orange body and dark orange head

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The 6" to 7" Beast Fly is a substantial and highly effective fly designed to target larger predatory fish species in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

The body of the Beast Fly is composed of natural  bucktail,  to create a large, voluminous profile that mimics larger baitfish or other prey. Despite its size, the clever use of these materials ensures the fly remains lightweight and easy to cast.

The Beast Fly is characterized by its long, flowing tail, which creates enticing movement in the water. The body is multi-layered, with different colors and materials used to create a realistic, three-dimensional effect. 

The head of the Beast Fly is large and broad, designed to push water and create a noticeable disturbance when retrieved.

Despite its large size, the Beast Fly is designed to be fished with standard fly fishing gear, making it a versatile addition to any angler's fly box. It's particularly effective when targeting species such as pike, musky, tarpon, and large bass.

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