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Big Eye Sponge Spider - (Pack of 3)

Big Eye Sponge Spider - (Pack of 3)

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The "Big Eye Sponge Spider" is a foam terrestrial fly designed to imitate large spiders that fall onto the water. It was created by fly tier Ed Engle to target selective trout.

It features a tapered foam body that gives it the silhouette of a real spider. Large foam eyes on the front and rubber legs extending from the sides provide a lifelike appearance. 

The Big Eye Sponge Spider is fished dead drift along undercut banks, overhanging vegetation, and other structure where trout wait to ambush helpless spiders on the water. The foam body floats well and the rubber legs impart action.

This pattern excels at fooling wary trout such as rainbows, browns, cutthroats, and brook trout when terrestrial spider activity increases near the stream. The visibility and realistic profile triggers fish to strike.

The Big Eye Sponge Spider has become a popular fly for anglers targeting selective trout that are feeding on terrestrial insects like spiders that fall onto the water's surface. It's easy to track and floats well.

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