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Blue Chevany

Blue Chevany

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The "Blue Chevany" Salmon Fly, size #4, is a captivating and innovative addition to the salmon angler's arsenal. This bespoke pattern is gaining a reputation for its striking aesthetics and its ability to elicit aggressive strikes from salmon in a variety of river conditions.

Mounted securely on a size #4 hook, the "Blue Chevany" provides the perfect foundation for targeting large and powerful fish. The hook's robust construction ensures that it can withstand the vigor of a fighting salmon, while its sharp point guarantees deep and reliable penetration upon the take.

The body of this fly is a work of art, featuring a vibrant blue silk thread that is tightly wound to create a slim and enticing silhouette. This brilliant blue is not only eye-catching but also serves as an excellent attractant in both clear and stained waters, where it stands out against the darker riverbeds and foliage.

Over the silk body lies a fine silver tinsel ribbing, adding a layer of sophistication and flash to the fly. This tinsel catches the light with every movement, sending out flashes that mimic the scales of small fish, an irresistible signal to predatory salmon.

A throat hackle of contrasting bright blue adds a final touch of finesse, fluttering subtly in the current and providing an additional point of interest for curious salmon. This burst of color can often be the trigger that turns a following fish into a striking one.

Finished with a head of black thread that is whip-finished to perfection, the "Blue Chevany" Salmon Fly size #4 is not just another fly; it's an innovative creation that bridges tradition with contemporary flair. Whether you're fishing classic runs or exploring new waters, the "Blue Chevany" is designed to deliver exceptional performance and satisfaction on the water.

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