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Bunny Gotcha - Chartreuse

Bunny Gotcha - Chartreuse

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The Bunny Gotcha is a popular fly pattern used in saltwater fly fishing, particularly for targeting species like bonefish and permit. It is a variation of the classic Gotcha fly and incorporates bunny fur to add extra movement and realism.

The Bunny Gotcha typically features a slender body made from chenille or synthetic fibers in colors such as tan, pink, or chartreuse. The body is often wrapped around a hook shank to create a tapered shape that imitates the profile of small baitfish or shrimp.

One of the key features of the Bunny Gotcha is the use of rabbit fur strips or zonker strips for the wing and tail. The soft and flowing nature of bunny fur gives the fly incredible lifelike movement in the water, mimicking the natural motion of prey. The wing and tail can be tied in various colors to match the specific baitfish or shrimp patterns found in the area.

The Bunny Gotcha may also incorporate weighted eyes or bead chain eyes near the front to help the fly sink quickly and maintain a realistic posture when retrieved. This allows anglers to effectively fish the fly in shallow flats or deeper water, depending on the target species and fishing conditions.

When fishing with a Bunny Gotcha, anglers typically present it near the bottom or in areas where bonefish and permit are known to feed. Retrieval techniques can vary, but a slow strip with occasional pauses or short, quick strips to imitate fleeing prey often yield good results.

Overall, the Bunny Gotcha is a versatile and effective fly pattern that imitates both baitfish and shrimp, making it an excellent choice for saltwater fly fishing. Its lifelike movement and attractive profile make it a go-to option for anglers targeting bonefish, permit, and other species in saltwater and freshwater environments.

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