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CDC Mayfly Deer Hair Body - (Pack of 3)

CDC Mayfly Deer Hair Body - (Pack of 3)

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The CDC Mayfly Deer Hair Body is a popular and effective fly pattern, designed to mimic the adult stage of a mayfly, a common aquatic insect that is a primary food source for many fish species.

The CDC Mayfly Deer Hair Body typically features a body made from deer hair, which is spun and then trimmed to create a realistic, segmented look. This material is naturally buoyant, helping the fly to float on the water's surface. The wings are made from CDC (Cul de Canard) feathers, which are known for their unique structure that traps air and aids in floatation. These feathers are typically tied in an upright and divided style to mimic the wings of a mayfly dun or spinner. The tail is often made from hackle fibers or other fine feather fibers.

The CDC Mayfly Deer Hair Body fly is most effective during a mayfly hatch when fish are actively feeding on the surface. Observe the natural insects and try to match your fly to their size, color, and behavior.

When fishing this fly, aim for a delicate, drag-free drift. Cast upstream of a rising fish and let the fly drift naturally with the current. A well-executed mend can help to extend your drift and prevent unnatural drag. 

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