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The Conrad Salmon Fly, in a size #4, is a meticulously crafted piece of angling artistry that's as functional as it is beautiful. This fly is tied on a high-quality, durable hook that's designed to withstand the powerful jaws and vigorous fights of salmon. The size #4 hook is a versatile choice, suitable for a variety of river conditions and salmon species.

The body of the Conrad is traditionally composed of black floss, segmented with fine oval silver tinsel, providing a sleek and attractive underbody. Over this, a black fur dubbed body is often seen, creating a robust and buggy silhouette that is irresistible to fish. The ribbing is an important detail, typically made from flat silver tinsel, which adds a reflective quality to the fly, mimicking the natural shimmer of baitfish in the water and helping to catch the eye of any nearby salmon.

The wing is a critical aspect of the Conrad's design. It is made from a dense clump of black hair, This wing lies sleek against the body when cast but flares out upon hitting the water, providing an enticing action that simulates a struggling prey item.

One of the Conrad's distinguishing features is its hackle. A long, flowing black hackle is wound from the front of the fly to the back, then folded back over itself and secured, giving the fly a pulsating life when submerged. The hackle fibers are selected for their suppleness and length, ensuring they move enticingly in even the gentlest currents.

The head of the fly, typically finished with black thread, is kept neat and small, ensuring that it does not impede the hook gape and allowing for optimal hook sets. The overall color scheme of the Conrad Salmon Fly is subdued yet pronounced; its dark tones provide an excellent silhouette against lighter waters, making it an excellent choice for overcast days or when fishing in deeper or murkier waters where visibility is reduced.

Every Conrad Salmon Fly is hand-tied with precision, ensuring that each feather and strand of tinsel is securely in place to withstand the rigors of casting and fighting fish. The size #4 is particularly well-suited for targeting larger salmon but remains small enough for more delicate presentations when required. This fly has stood the test of time and continues to be a go-to pattern for anglers pursuing the king of fish across rivers and streams worldwide.

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