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Cosseboom Red

Cosseboom Red

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The Cosseboom Red Salmon Fly in size #4 is a vibrant and striking lure that commands attention in the water, making it a favorite among anglers targeting large and aggressive salmon species. This fly is meticulously crafted to provide a combination of visual appeal and lifelike movement, ensuring it stands out as a tempting meal to a passing fish.

The foundation of the Cosseboom Red is a strong size #4 hook, chosen for its ability to endure the powerful jaws and spirited fights of salmon. The hook's ample size ensures that it is visible and attractive to fish, while its sharp point guarantees deep and secure hooksets.

Wrapped around the hook shank is a body of bright red floss, which serves as a bold signal to salmon that can trigger instinctive strikes. This red floss creates a smooth underbody that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, as it helps to streamline the fly for better casting and presentation in the water.

Accentuating the body is a ribbing of fine oval silver tinsel, which adds a layer of reflective sparkle that mimics the natural glimmer of prey fish scales. The tinsel's contrast against the red floss enhances the fly's visibility and adds an element of realism that can be the difference between a follow and a take.

The wing is perhaps the most critical aspect of the Cosseboom Red's design. Crafted from high-quality black and white bucktail, the wing is tied to lay flat against the body when cast, slicing through the air for efficient casting. Once submerged, however, the wing fans out slightly, creating a pulsating action that simulates the movement of small fish or crustaceans.

A collar of soft black hackle feathers encircles the fly just behind the eye, imparting additional movement and texture. These hackles are specifically chosen for their ability to undulate with each current and retrieve, suggesting life and vulnerability — key triggers for predatory salmon.

The head of the fly is constructed with tightly wound blackthread, which is then coated with a layer of clear varnish for a glossy, durable finish. 

With its bold red coloration, the Cosseboom Red size #4 is particularly effective in stained or dark waters where its silhouette and vibrancy can cut through the murkiness to capture a salmon's attention. It's also a go-to choice during early morning or late evening hours when light levels are low, and fish rely more on contrast and movement to locate prey.

Each Cosseboom Red Salmon Fly in size #4 is tied with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that it not only looks appealing to anglers but also performs exceptionally in the water, holding up to repeated casts, strong currents, and the fierce strikes of large salmon. This fly has stood the test of time and continues to be a staple in salmon fishing communities due to its effectiveness and classic design.

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