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Dark Hendrickson - (Pack of 3)

Dark Hendrickson - (Pack of 3)

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The Dark Hendrickson fly is a popular artificial fly often used in fly fishing, particularly in North America. It's designed to imitate the Ephemerella subvaria, commonly known as the Hendrickson Mayfly, which is a favorite food for trout.

The Dark Hendrickson fly features a dark gray to brownish body, mimicking the darker color of the natural insect, especially the female. It often has a slender tapered profile with wings typically made from light, semi-transparent material such as duck quill or polypropylene yarn, simulating the delicate wings of the mayfly.

The tail and legs are usually represented by stiff fibers like hackle fibers or pheasant tail fibers. The overall appearance of the Dark Hendrickson fly is intended to mimic the natural insect both in color and silhouette, making it an effective lure for trout during the mayfly hatching season.

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