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Daves Cricket - (Pack of 3)

Daves Cricket - (Pack of 3)

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Dave's Cricket is a foam fly designed to imitate terrestrial crickets that fall onto the water and get eaten by opportunistic trout. It features a realistic cricket profile and natural black coloration that matches the natural insects.

The fly is tied from buoyant foam that suspends it lightly on the water's surface. The stout variegated foam legs kick and flutter to mimic a struggling cricket's legs in the current. Paired with rubber legs, the foam legs create irresistible motion.

Great for fishing solo, Dave's Cricket is easy to track on the water thanks to its black color. It can also be used as a visible dry fly indicator. The fly is handcrafted in the USA from premium materials to accurately imitate a vulnerable cricket.

To fish, cast Dave's Cricket fly near riffles, banks, and structure where trout wait to ambush helpless crickets that fall onto the water. Let it drift naturally with occasional small twitches to simulate a struggling insect. It's deadly when terrestrial crickets are active near the water.

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