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Daves Hopper - (Pack of 3)

Daves Hopper - (Pack of 3)

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Dave's Hopper accurately imitates grasshoppers that fall prey to opportunistic trout. Its realistic profile and natural tan coloration are irresistible when hoppers are active near the water.

The fly is tied from buoyant 2mm foam that suspends lightly on the surface, tempting wary fish to strike. The stout variegated foam legs kick to mimic a struggling grasshopper's legs in the current.

Paired with rubber legs, the foam legs create lifelike motion that triggers explosive takes. Great for fishing solo when hoppers get blown onto the water. The neutral tan foam body blends in well but is still visible.

Handcrafted from premium materials, Dave's Hopper features a custom tied foam body and legs to accurately imitate a vulnerable grasshopper in the surface film. It's an excellent searching pattern to drift during summer hops.

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