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Deer Hair Caddis - (Pack of 3)

Deer Hair Caddis - (Pack of 3)

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The Deer Hair Caddis Fly is a popular and versatile artificial fly used in fly fishing, designed to mimic a variety of aquatic insect species that trout and other fish feed on. 

The Deer Hair Caddis Fly is distinguished by its unique body structure, primarily made from deer hair. It typically measures between 1/2 to 1 inch in length, depending on the specific insect it is imitating.

Body: The body of the Deer Hair Caddis Fly usually consists of tightly wound thread or fur, often in shades of olive, tan, or brown to mimic natural caddisfly larvae colors. Some variations may also include a ribbing material wrapped around the body to provide more texture and realism.

Wing: The wing is the most distinctive feature of this fly. It is made from a clump of deer hair that is tied onto the hook and then clipped into a triangular or tent-like shape. This gives the fly its characteristic caddisfly silhouette when seen from above. The color of the wing can vary but it's often left in its natural deer hair color.

Head and Collar: The head of the fly is also made from deer hair, tied in such a way that it flares out around the collar area. This helps to give the fly additional buoyancy and creates a realistic profile in the water.

Hackle: Some Deer Hair Caddis Flies also include a hackle – a feather wound around the hook just behind the head. This adds to the fly's buoyancy and creates an impression of legs or movement.

The Deer Hair Caddis Fly is primarily used for trout fishing but can be effective for other species as well. It is designed to float on the surface of the water, imitating an adult caddisfly or other aquatic insects. Its buoyant design and realistic silhouette make it an irresistible target for fish.

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