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El Tigre

El Tigre

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The El Tigre Salmon Fly, size #4, is a striking and effective fly pattern that has been meticulously designed to target salmon with its alluring blend of color, sparkle, and movement. This fly is a beacon in the water, catching the light and the eyes of salmon with its shimmering presence.

Crafted on a robust size #4 hook, the El Tigre  is built to withstand the rigors of battling strong, determined salmon. The hook is selected for its optimal combination of strength and sharpness, ensuring a solid hook-set and the resilience needed to bring large fish to hand.

The body of the El Tigre is a dazzling display of silver mylar tinsel, which provides a brilliant, reflective quality that mimics the flash of baitfish scales. This enticing flash can prove irresistible to salmon, particularly in clear water conditions where light penetration makes the fly sparkle enticingly.

Accenting the silver body, fine black ribbing is often added to create a segmented effect and additional contrast, which enhances the fly's visibility and suggests the segmentation of natural prey. This contrast is not only visually appealing but also plays on the predatory instincts of salmon, encouraging aggressive strikes.

The wing is a key feature of the El Tigre's design, typically made from natural fibres in black. The wing is tied in such a way that it remains streamlined for casting yet flares upon hitting the water, providing a seductive swimming motion that simulates a fleeing fish or squid.

A collar of soft hackle feathers in contrasting green has been added around the throat of the fly. These hackles add life and movement to the fly, pulsating with each strip and pause of the retrieve or the natural flow of the current.

Completing the fly is the head, meticulously wrapped with black thread to complement the overall color scheme and then finished with a glossy coat of varnish. This head not only secures all elements of the fly but also adds another point of reflection that can catch the light and draw attention.

The El Tigre Silver size #4 shines in a variety of fishing conditions but is particularly effective on sunny days when its reflective body can perform at its best. Its color scheme and design make it versatile across different water types and clarity levels, ensuring that it remains a top choice for salmon anglers seeking a fly with both visual impact and functional prowess.

Each El Tigre Silver is tied with precision and care, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of casting and the violent strikes of large salmon. This pattern has stood the test of time due to its simplicity, elegance, and effectiveness—a must-have in every salmon angler's fly box.

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