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Elk Hair Caddis - Various Colors - Sizes #8 to #16 - (Pack of 3)

Elk Hair Caddis - Various Colors - Sizes #8 to #16 - (Pack of 3)

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The Elk Hair Caddis is a popular and effective dry fly used to imitate adult caddisflies, which are a common food source for trout and other freshwater fish. This fly floats well due to the natural buoyancy of the elk hair and is often used in fast-moving streams. Here's a detailed description of the Elk Hair Caddis fly:

Hook: The Golden Tippet Elk Hair Caddis is  tied on a dry fly hook, with sizes ranging from  #12 to #16, though it can be found tied larger or smaller to match the local caddisflies.

Thread: Fine dry fly tying thread in a color that matches the body or the natural insects in the area. 

Body: The bodies are made from various types dubbing that matches the color of the natural caddisflies in the area. Common dubbing materials include hare's ear, rabbit, or synthetic blends. The body is dubbed onto the thread and then wrapped around the hook shank to create a tapered effect.

Wing: The wing is made from a bunch of elk hair, which has been cleaned and stacked to align the tips. The hair is tied in over the body with the tips extending just past the bend of the hook to mimic the wings of the caddisfly. The elk hair is selected for its buoyancy and durability.

Hackle: A rooster hackle feather is selected to match the body size and color. The hackle is tied in at the front of the fly and wrapped back towards the bend over the body and then brought forward again. This creates a bushy collar that helps keep the fly afloat and adds movement to mimic the fluttering wings of an adult caddisfly.

Head: After the hackle is tied off, the remaining elk hair butts are trimmed to form a small head, which also helps to push water and add to the fly's visibility.

Finish: The tying thread is used to finish off the fly with a whip finish at the head, securing all materials in place.  A drop of head cement or clear nail polish can be applied to the thread wraps for added durability.

The Elk Hair Caddis is designed to float high and dry, making it easy for anglers to see on the water. It can be fished in a dead drift or skittered across the surface to mimic an egg-laying caddisfly. This pattern is highly versatile and can be adapted in color and size to match local insect populations, making it an essential part of any trout angler's fly box.

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Scott Amend

Elk Hair Caddis - Various Colors - Sizes #8 to #16 - (Pack of 3)

Brian Shuter
Good service and the flies look right

I plan to use them during the hatches this year. Fingers crossed!