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Fly Case With 27 Wet Flies

Fly Case With 27 Wet Flies

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This selection of 27 wet flies comes with a durable ABS case with clear lid and a silicon fly pad.

This high-grade fly box, constructed using superior ABS and silicone, offers a unique combination of assured moisture resistance, outstanding material quality, and generous capacity. The box is equipped with a rubberized waterproof pad, creating a watertight barrier against dampness and ensuring your flies remain in excellent condition for your angling expedition. It's resilient and durable, capable of withstanding severe conditions and resisting wear over prolonged use. The box also features a crystal clear ABS lid, allowing easy viewing of the contents to select the right fly for your needs. This feature makes it one of the top-rated clear-design fly fishing boxes available. With dimensions of 5.6" x 3.88" x 0.68", the box provides ample and adaptable storage for various types of fly fishing lures and equipment.

The following wet flies are also included in the case:

  • 3 Partridge Soft Hackle Nymph Pupa in size #12
  • 3 Chain Head Vivid Dragonfly in size #10
  • 3 Tungsten Bead Head Caddis Nymph in size #10
  • 3 Bead Head Prince Nymph in size #12
  • 3 Brass Bead Head Psycho Prince Nymph in size #12
  • 3 Tungsten head Stonefly in size #12
  • 3 Dragonfly Nymph in size #8
  • 3 Scud Bug in size #10
  • 3 Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph in size #14
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