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Foam Cricket Black - (Pack of 3)

Foam Cricket Black - (Pack of 3)

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The "Foam Cricket" accurately imitates vulnerable terrestrial crickets that trout gorge on. Its realistic silhouette and dark coloration are irresistible to opportunistic fish.

Tied from buoyant foam that suspends lightly on the surface, tempting wary trout to strike. The black body matches natural crickets perfectly.

The stout variegated foam legs kick to mimic cricket legs struggling in the current. Paired with lively rubber legs, they create enticing motion.

Great for fishing solo when crickets get blown onto the water. The black foam body is easy to track in most lighting conditions. Also useful as a dry fly indicator.

Handcrafted in the from premium materials. The custom tied foam body and legs accurately imitate a flailing cricket in the surface film.

Drift the Foam Cricket Black fly when terrestrial crickets are active near the water. It's an excellent imitation that triggers explosive takes from trout.

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