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General Practitioner

General Practitioner

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The General Practitioner, or "GP" as it is affectionately known among seasoned anglers, is a legendary salmon fly that has garnered a reputation for its universal appeal to salmon in a variety of waters. In a size #4, the General Practitioner is a substantial offering, designed to tempt the largest and most cautious of salmon.

The hook is a sturdy size #4, providing the perfect balance between visibility to the fish and the strength needed to handle the powerful runs and acrobatic fights characteristic of large salmon. The GP's hook is meticulously chosen for its sharpness and durability, ensuring that once a fish is hooked, it stays hooked.

The body of the General Practitioner is constructed from bright orange floss, which serves as a highly visible attractant under different lighting conditions. 

A key feature of the GP is its long, flowing golden pheasant tippet tail, which provides an organic movement that's hard for salmon to resist. This tail mimics the undulating motion of smaller prey, triggering a predatory response from following salmon.

The wing is another distinctive attribute, made from matching golden pheasant tippet feathers. These are set along the sides of the fly, extending backwards to enhance the fly's profile and swimming action. The natural barring on the feathers adds to the fly's allure, providing visual texture that mimics the variegated patterns found on many small fish and crustaceans.

Orange hackle fibers are wound around the body and collar, adding to the fly's bulk and creating a pulsating effect in the water. These fibers help to simulate life and movement, suggesting gills or legs of aquatic creatures, further enticing salmon to strike.

The head of the GP is finished with orange thread and coated with clear varnish for durability and shine. This polished head not only secures all elements in place but also adds a final touch of contrast to the fly's overall design.

In size #4, the General Practitioner is an excellent choice for larger rivers and stronger currents, where its size and coloration stand out against the background. Its design allows it to be fished at different depths and speeds, making it a versatile pattern capable of adapting to the preferences of local salmon populations. Whether swung across a fast-flowing spate river or presented in a deep pool, the General Practitioner in size #4 is a go-to pattern for anglers seeking to outwit the king of fish.

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