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Ginger Quill - (Pack of 3)

Ginger Quill - (Pack of 3)

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The Ginger Quill fly is a classic artificial fly used in fly fishing. It's designed to mimic the appearance of various species of mayflies, which are common prey for trout and other freshwater fish.

The Ginger Quill fly is characterized by its slender body, typically tied with stripped peacock quill, which gives it the "quill" name. The body color can range from light tan to a darker ginger color, depending on the specific mayfly species it's intended to imitate.

The wings of the Ginger Quill are usually made from a light, semi-transparent material like duck quill or polypropylene yarn. These wings are tied upright and divided, mimicking the shape of a mayfly's wings.

The tail of the Ginger Quill fly is often made from stiff fibers such as hackle fibers or pheasant tail fibers. The tail is typically long and straight, mimicking the long tails of many mayfly species.

Overall, the Ginger Quill fly is a versatile and effective artificial fly, particularly during mayfly hatches. Its naturalistic design makes it an attractive lure for many species of fish.

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