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Green Butt Silver Hilton

Green Butt Silver Hilton

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The Green Butt Silver Hilton is a classic salmon fly that has earned its place in the fly boxes of discerning anglers targeting these noble fish. In a size #4, this pattern is particularly suited to larger rivers and bigger fish, offering a substantial profile and an irresistible combination of colors and materials that are known to trigger aggressive strikes.

The hook used for the Green Butt Silver Hilton is a size #4, which is ideal for strong, fast-flowing waters where salmon hold. The hook's size and strength ensure it can withstand the initial shock of the take and the ensuing battle that these powerful fish are famous for. Its sharp point and reliable barb provide the necessary penetration and grip to secure the hook-up.

At the rear of the fly, just before the tail, is the namesake green butt—a bright chartreuse floss or chenille band that acts as a highly visible trigger point for salmon. This splash of color is particularly effective in stained or darker waters, offering a stark contrast that can provoke a reaction from otherwise lethargic fish.

The tail itself is usually a sparse tuft of natural Grizzly Hackle fibers, which provides a subtle, lifelike movement in the water. This movement can mimic the delicate undulations of aquatic insects or small fish, tapping into the instinctual feeding responses of salmon.

Moving forward, the body of the fly is constructed from green and black floss with a silver tinsel wrapping, giving the Silver Hilton its name. The reflective quality of the silver ribbing on the body mimics the flash of baitfish scales, sending out flashes of light as it moves through the water column—a proven attractant for salmon.

The wing is Grizzly Saddle Hackle, providing a stark contrast to the bright body. The wing's length and density are balanced to ensure it maintains its shape in the water while offering enough movement to appear lifelike. The dark wing silhouette is often what salmon see as they look up towards the surface, making it a critical aspect of the fly's design.

A soft hackle collar, usually in a natural grizzly color, is wound at the front of the fly. The hackle fibers add movement and help to simulate legs or antennae when submerged, further enhancing the fly's appeal.

Finishing off the Green Butt Silver Hilton is a neatly wrapped head, in black thread, which is then coated with clear varnish for durability. This glossy head not only secures all elements in place but also adds a final touch of refinement to the fly's appearance.

In size #4, this fly is an excellent choice for targeting salmon during various seasons and water conditions. Its combination of brightness, contrast, movement, and flash makes it a versatile and effective pattern for enticing even the most elusive of salmon.

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