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Green Butt Skunk

Green Butt Skunk

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The Green Butt Skunk salmon fly in size #4 is a timeless pattern that has garnered a devout following among salmon and steelhead anglers for its striking appearance and consistent productivity. This fly is an evolution of the classic Skunk pattern, distinguished by its characteristic green butt, which provides an additional visual trigger to fish.

The hook chosen for the Green Butt Skunk is a size #4, offering a substantial platform for the materials that make up this fly. This hook size is versatile enough to be used in various river conditions and is strong enough to handle the fight of a large salmon or steelhead.

At the rear of the fly, just ahead of the hook bend, lies the vibrant chartreuse or green floss that gives this fly its name. The green butt not only serves as an attractor but also creates a distinct segmentation between the tail and body. This feature can be particularly effective in murky waters or when fish need an extra incentive to strike.

The tail is constructed of red dyed Golden pheasant tippet, providing contrast against the bright butt while offering a subtle, natural movement in the water. This mimics the movement of small aquatic creatures that salmon are accustomed to preying upon.

The body of the Green Butt Skunk consists of black dubbing, creating a sleek and streamlined profile. This dark body contrasts sharply with the green butt and imitates the darker silhouettes of many aquatic insects and small fish.

A key feature of this fly is its ribbing, made from oval silver tinsel. The ribbing not only adds durability to the body but also provides a flash as it catches the light, resembling the glint of fish scales and enticing predatory instincts.

The wing, made from white calf tail, sits atop the body. The white wing offers visibility and a stark contrast against darker water, making it easily discernible to fish from below. The choice of wing material ensures that it maintains its shape and buoyancy throughout the swing.

Collaring the fly is a soft hackle, in black and white, which pulsates in the current to simulate life. The hackle helps to balance the fly in the water and adds to the overall buggy appearance that can be irresistible to salmon.

Finishing off the Green Butt Skunk is a neat head wrapped in black thread, creating a tidy junction between the fly's components and the hook eye. The head is often coated with a layer of clear varnish or epoxy for added durability and a glossy finish that completes the fly's aesthetic.

In a size #4, the Green Butt Skunk is an excellent choice for anglers targeting larger salmon in a variety of water types. Its combination of visibility, contrast, and enticing movement makes it a go-to pattern for many seasoned fly fishers. Whether fished on a dead drift, swung through a promising run, or pulsed through pocket water, this fly has proven its ability to provoke aggressive strikes from some of the most sought-after game fish in freshwater angling.

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