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Green Widow

Green Widow

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The Green Widow salmon fly in size #4 is a striking and effective pattern that has proven its worth on salmon rivers around the world. This fly is designed to be both visually appealing to anglers and irresistibly enticing to salmon.

The size #4 hook chosen for the Green Widow is a strong and sharp foundation, capable of holding up against the powerful fight of an adult salmon. It's a good size for a variety of river conditions and can be used effectively in both clear and colored waters.

The body of the Green Widow is where the fly truly starts to show its character. It consists of green floss, creating a sleek and dark silhouette that contrasts well with the brighter elements of the fly. The body is segmented with oval silver tinsel ribbing, which adds flash and helps to reinforce the body materials against the wear and tear of fishing.

The wing is constructed from black bucktail material. The wing is full enough to provide a good profile but not so heavy as to impede the fly's movement through the water. The dark wing over the contrasting body helps to create an enticing silhouette that can mimic small baitfish or other prey items.

A collar of bright green hackle is tied in just in front of the wing, adding another splash of vibrant color as well as movement to the fly. The hackle fibers pulse in the current, simulating life and attracting attention from curious fish.

Finally, the head of the Green Widow is finished with black thread, creating a neat and tidy appearance that holds all the materials in place. It's often coated with a layer of clear varnish or epoxy for durability and added shine.

In essence, the size #4 Green Widow is a beautifully balanced pattern that offers a blend of subtlety and flash, making it a versatile choice for targeting salmon in various river conditions.

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