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Hairy Mary

Hairy Mary

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The Hairy Mary is a traditional salmon fly with a long-standing reputation for its effectiveness in enticing the king of fish. In a size #4, this pattern is well-suited for larger rivers and big fish, providing a substantial presence in the water to attract attention.

The hook used for the Hairy Mary in size #4 is robust, ensuring it can handle the powerful takes and fights characteristic of salmon. The larger hook size also allows ample space for the full dressing of the fly, which is essential for creating the correct silhouette and movement.

Starting at the rear, the fly typically features a tail of golden pheasant crest. This material offers a natural curve and suppleness that provides a lifelike motion in the water, simulating small aquatic creatures that salmon prey upon.

The body of the Hairy Mary is made with black wool, creating a dark and contrasting profile that can be seen easily by fish even in murky conditions. The body is ribbed with oval silver tinsel, which adds a bit of flash and segmentation to the pattern, enhancing its visibility and appeal.

One of the defining characteristics of the Hairy Mary is its hackle. A collar of soft, palmered hackle—often from a cock or hen in a shade of blue—is wrapped along the body. This hackle provides a "hairy" appearance and adds significant movement to the fly, which can be crucial in triggering strikes from salmon.

The wing is composed of dyed bucktail hair. The hair is chosen for its inherent stiffness and ability to maintain shape in the water. The wing's color is yellowish brown, which helps to maintain the overall dark silhouette of the fly while providing a subtle contrast to the body and hackle.

To finish, the head of the Hairy Mary is neatly wrapped with black thread and often coated with a clear varnish or epoxy for durability. The head not only secures all materials in place but also provides a clean finish to this classic salmon fly.

In summary, the size #4 Hairy Mary salmon fly offers a tantalizing combination of natural movement, contrasting colors, and strategic flash. Its traditional design continues to be a favorite among anglers chasing the elusive salmon across various river conditions.

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