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Humpy Fly - (Pack of 3)

Humpy Fly - (Pack of 3)

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The Humpy fly is a classic dry fly pattern that is highly effective for trout fishing. It is known for its buoyancy, visibility, and ability to imitate various terrestrial insects, such as grasshoppers or stoneflies.

The Humpy fly typically features a heavily hackled and bushy body made from materials like deer hair or elk hair. The body is often tied in bright and contrasting colors, such as yellow, red, or chartreuse, to make it highly visible on the water's surface.

One of the distinguishing features of the Humpy fly is its wing, which is usually made from white calf hair or synthetic materials. The wing is tied upright and divided, giving the fly a distinct silhouette and making it easy for anglers to track its position on the water.

The Humpy fly is designed to float high on the surface, imitating an insect that has fallen or landed on the water. Its bushy body and hackle provide excellent flotation and create a realistic profile that can attract the attention of trout.

When fishing with a Humpy fly, anglers often present it in areas where trout are likely to feed on terrestrial insects, such as near grassy banks or overhanging vegetation. The fly can be cast upstream and allowed to drift naturally or skated across the water's surface to mimic the movement of a struggling insect.

Overall, the Humpy fly is a versatile and reliable pattern that can be used in various sizes and colors to match the specific insect hatches and fishing conditions. Its high visibility, buoyancy, and ability to imitate terrestrial insects make it a go-to choice for trout anglers seeking surface action.

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