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Irresistible - (Pack of 3)

Irresistible - (Pack of 3)

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The Irresistible Fly is a popular dry fly used in fly fishing, known for its high buoyancy and visibility. It's designed to mimic various types of aquatic and terrestrial insects, making it a versatile choice for different fishing conditions.

The body of the Irresistible Fly is typically made from densely packed deer or elk hair, which gives it its high floatability. The hair is often spun around the hook and then clipped to shape, creating a robust, cylindrical body. This body can be tied in various colors, but natural deer hair color or white is common.

The wings are also made from deer or elk hair, tied upright and divided to mimic the wings of many types of insects. Additionally, the fly features hackle wound around the hook at the front and back of the body, adding to its bushy appearance and further aiding in floatation.

Overall, the Irresistible Fly is a great choice for fishing in fast, turbulent water where other flies might sink or be difficult to see. Its buoyant, high-visibility design makes it a favorite among many anglers.

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