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Irresistible Wulff - (Pack of 3)

Irresistible Wulff - (Pack of 3)

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The Irresistible Wulff fly is a highly effective dry fly used in fly fishing. It's a variation of the classic Wulff pattern, which was originally designed by Lee Wulff, a renowned fly fisherman and tyer.

The Irresistible Wulff is characterized by its bushy, high-floating design, which makes it highly visible and able to stay afloat even in rough water. The body of the Irresistible Wulff is typically made from spun deer hair, which gives it excellent buoyancy. This is often coupled with a bright colored floss or thread, such as red or yellow, to increase its visibility.

The wings of the Irresistible Wulff are also made from deer hair, tied in an upright and divided fashion to mimic the wings of a mayfly. The fly also features hackle wound around the body, adding to its bushy appearance and further aiding in floatation.

The Irresistible Wulff is often used during mayfly hatches, but its general insect-like appearance makes it a versatile fly that can be effective in a variety of situations. It's a great choice for fishing in fast, turbulent water where other flies might sink or be difficult to see.

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