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JC Copper Top

JC Copper Top

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The JC Copper Top is an attractive salmon fly pattern that is particularly noted for its use of Jungle Cock (JC) feathers and a prominent copper-colored body. In a size #4, this fly is substantial enough to target larger salmon in a range of water conditions, from clear to stained.

The size #4 hook for the JC Copper Top provides a strong foundation for the fly, ensuring it can withstand the aggressive strikes and powerful battles with large salmon. This hook size is versatile, making it suitable for different types of water flows and depths.

At the rear, the fly is the tail, which is a small tuft of bright flashy fibers. The tail adds a hint of movement and an initial point of attraction as the fly moves through the water.

The body of the JC Copper Top is one of its most distinctive features. It is made with copper wire, which gives the fly its name. The copper body provides a significant amount of weight, allowing the fly to sink to the desired depth quickly. It also offers a reflective quality that can be irresistible to salmon, especially in darker or deeper waters where light penetration is limited.

The wing is constructed from hen feather to provide an attractive contrast against the body. The wing is proportionate to the hook size, providing a balanced profile in the water.

The collar or hackle can vary but this version includes a black hackle, adding additional movement and enhancing the overall profile.

Finally, the head of the JC Copper Top is finished neatly with black thread and coated with clear varnish for durability. The head secures all materials in place and provides a polished look to this effective and visually appealing salmon fly.


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