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JC Demon

JC Demon

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The JC Demon is a classic salmon fly pattern known for its striking appearance and effectiveness in catching the attention of salmon. In a size #4, this fly is well-suited for a variety of river conditions and is particularly effective in clear to slightly stained waters where its bold colors and accents can truly stand out.

The size #4 hook for the JC Demon gives the fly a substantial presence in the water, making it an excellent choice for targeting larger salmon. The hook is strong and durable, capable of withstanding the vigorous fights that salmon are known for.

Starting at the rear, the tail is crafted from golden pheasant crest fibers, providing an attractive, flowing element that mimics the natural movement of aquatic life.

The body of the JC Demon is constructed from black wool, creating a sleek and dark profile that contrasts sharply against the brighter components of the fly. The body is segmented with oval silver tinsel ribbing, which not only reinforces the body material but also adds an enticing glint as it reflects light underwater.

The wing itself is made from hen feathers. The wing is full enough to maintain a good profile in the water but not so heavy as to hinder the fly's action.

At the front, a collar of grizzly hackle is tied in to provide movement and enhance the fly's silhouette. This hackle pulsates with each strip and current, simulating life and encouraging aggressive strikes.

To complete the JC Demon, the head is carefully constructed with orange tying thread and finished with several coats of clear varnish or head cement. This not only secures all components in place but also provides a polished look to the overall fly.

In summary, the size #4 JC Demon salmon fly offers a compelling mix of dark and bright elements, accented with the iconic Jungle Cock feathers. Its traditional design continues to be celebrated for its ability to tempt even the most discerning salmon.

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