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The "Joker" salmon fly is a modern pattern known for its vibrant colors and ability to trigger aggressive strikes from salmon. In a size #4, this fly is robust enough to handle larger fish and is suitable for a variety of water conditions, from clear streams to peat-tinged rivers. Here's a detailed description of the "Joker" salmon fly in size #4:

The size #4 hook for the Joker salmon fly is a strong, high-quality salmon fly hook with a single configuration. The larger size helps the fly stand out in turbulent waters and provides enough space for the full dressing.

A strong, durable tying thread in black or a color that matches the overall scheme of the fly is used to construct the fly, ensuring all materials are securely tied in and the head is neatly finished.

The tail of the Joker includes tan fibers from a hen hackle. These materials provide an initial point of attraction and subtle movement that can entice salmon from a distance.

The body is wrapped from peacock herl, with flashy oval gold tinsel. This creates a visually striking pattern that can be seen by fish even in murky water, as well as to protect the body material from wear and tear during fishing.

A soft hackle collar is tied in just behind the wing with an orange contrasting pheasant hackle to add movement and an extra visual trigger as the fly swings through the current.

The wing of the Joker salmon fly is made from bucktail with a bit of calf tail. The wing is tied in such a way that it flows back over the body, providing a streamlined profile and imitating the shape of small baitfish.

Finally, the head of the fly is formed with black tying thread and finished with several coats of clear varnish or epoxy. This not only secures all materials in place but also adds a glossy appearance to the head of the fly.

In summary, the size #4 Joker salmon fly offers a combination of eye-catching colors, flash, and movement designed to stand out in the water and provoke strikes from aggressive salmon.

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