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Kendall Killer

Kendall Killer

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The "Kendall Killer" is a classic and effective salmon fly that has proven its worth on rivers worldwide. In a size #4, this fly is particularly suited for larger salmon and steelhead, especially in waters where a more substantial presentation is required to attract the attention of these majestic fish.

Starting with the hook, the size #4 is robust, offering a wide gape for secure hooksets and enough strength to battle vigorous fish. The body of the Kendall Killer is traditionally crafted with black floss or wool, creating a sleek silhouette that provides a stark contrast against the lighter elements of the fly and stands out in various water conditions.

Wrapped around the body is ribbing made from silver oval tinsel, which adds a necessary flash and segmentation, mimicking the multi-segmented bodies of aquatic invertebrates that salmon are drawn to. This ribbing also serves to reinforce the body material, ensuring the fly's durability against the abrasive mouths of salmon.

A vital component of the Kendall Killer is the hackle. An orange and fiery red hackle is palmered over the body, pulsating with life in the current and suggesting the movement of gills or appendages of prey. This hackle is crucial for providing motion, an essential trigger for predatory fish.

The wing, often made from hot orange calf tail, is tied in a manner that ensures it sits neatly on top of the body, extending just to the bend of the hook. This wing is sometimes accompanied by strands of flash material, which catch light and mimic the iridescent scales of small baitfish.

The head of the fly is carefully crafted with the tying thread, creating a smooth and neat finish that is then coated with multiple layers of clear varnish. This not only secures all materials in place but also adds an attractive shine, drawing further attention to the fly as it moves through the water.

Overall, the Kendall Killer in size #4 is a fly of contrasts—dark against light, flash against subtlety—all designed to create a pattern that can entice even the most cautious of salmon. It's a testament to traditional fly-tying artistry, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal to produce a fly that's as effective as it is beautiful.

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