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Midwest Bucktails

Large Bucktail

Large Bucktail

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Golden Tippet carries Midwest Bucktails large bucktails, the finest quality bucktails available in the market. Each tail is meticulously handpicked, ensuring fibers that extend 3 to 4 inches and beyond, This product of exceptional quality and durability.

Midwest Bucktails large bucktails undergo a unique in-house deboning, processing, and custom dyeing process. This careful treatment ensures the preservation of the tail's natural properties, giving it an edge over overly processed alternatives.

What sets Midwest Bucktails tails apart is their natural water shedding fibers. This feature makes them the perfect choice for crafting large predator flies. With these bucktails, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in a material which will enhances your fly tying experience, and in turn, increases your success rate when fly fishing for large predatory fish  such as Pike, Muskie, Large Trout, Bass, Permit, Trevalli, etc.

Experience the Midwest Bucktails difference in bucktail today and elevate your fly tying game to new heights.
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