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Light Cahill - (Pack of 3)

Light Cahill - (Pack of 3)

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The Light Cahill fly is a classic dry fly pattern, designed to mimic the Stenonema vicarium, commonly known as the Light Cahill mayfly. It's particularly effective during mayfly hatches in late spring and summer.

The Light Cahill fly features a slender body, usually tied with cream or light tan dubbing to mimic the pale color of the natural mayfly. The tail is often made from light-colored hackle fibers or pheasant tail fibers.

The wings are typically made from light, semi-transparent material such as wood duck flank feathers or synthetic materials and are tied upright and divided to replicate the delicate wings of the mayfly.

The hackle on the Light Cahill is often grizzly or light ginger and is wound around the hook at the front of the fly to aid in floatation and to mimic the legs of the mayfly.

Overall, the Light Cahill is a versatile and effective fly pattern, particularly during Light Cahill mayfly hatches, but can also be a productive searching pattern throughout the trout season.

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