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Mega Moodah Cicada - (Pack of 3)

Mega Moodah Cicada - (Pack of 3)

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The Mega Moodah Cicada perfectly imitates the giant cicadas trout gorge on annually. Its large profile and realistic colors are irresistible when cicadas blanket the water.

Tied from extra buoyant foam that suspends high in the surface film. The black body and bright orange wing markings match natural cicadas.

The long variegated foam body, paired with lively rubber legs, creates enticing kicking motion that drives fish wild.

Great for fishing solo when cicadas are hatching, or fishing a dropper setup with a nympy, The bright chartreuse foam post is extremely visible for easy tracking.

Handcrafted from premium materials. The custom tied foam wings and legs accurately imitate a juicy struggling cicada in the surface film.

Fish the Mega Moodah Cicada during summer cicada emergences when trout gorge on these protein-rich bugs. It's the perfect big meal fly pattern.

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