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Mouse Fly - (Pack of 3)

Mouse Fly - (Pack of 3)

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The Deer Hair Mouse Fly is a popular pattern used in fly fishing, particularly for targeting large predatory fish like trout, bass, and pike. As the name suggests, this fly is designed to mimic a small mouse or other rodent, which can be a substantial meal for larger fish.

The body of this Deer Hair Mouse Fly is made from spun deer hair. This not only gives the fly its shape and color, but also provides buoyancy, allowing it to float on the water's surface. The body is tied in a tapered shape to mimic the body of a mouse, and is done with natural deer hair.

The tail of this Deer Hair Mouse Fly is made from a strip of leather to mimic a mouse's tail. It includes whiskers, ears, and eyes for added realism.

The Deer Hair Mouse Fly is typically fished at night or in low-light conditions when mice and other rodents are most active. It's often used with a "skittering" retrieve to mimic the swimming motion of a mouse. This can be a very effective technique for enticing large, predatory fish to strike.

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