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Parachute Caddis - (Pack of 3)

Parachute Caddis - (Pack of 3)

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The Parachute Caddis is a popular dry fly pattern used in fly fishing. It's designed to imitate the caddisfly, a common insect that's a crucial part of the diet for many species of fish.

The body of the Parachute Caddis is typically made from dubbing in colors that match the natural caddisflies in the area, often in shades of green, brown, or gray. The body is slender and tapered to mimic the shape of a caddisfly.

The wings are usually made from elk or deer hair tied in a "parachute" style. This means the hair is tied in a vertical loop around the hook, with the tips of the hair pointing forward over the eye of the hook. This design helps the fly float on the water's surface while still giving a realistic silhouette from below.

The hackle is wound horizontally around the base of the wing, rather than along the length of the body as in traditional dry flies. This gives the fly additional buoyancy and creates a more lifelike profile when viewed from beneath.

Overall, the Parachute Caddis is an effective and versatile fly pattern, especially productive during caddisfly hatches. It's relatively easy to tie and can be adapted in size and color to match various species of caddisflies.

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