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Red Humpy - (Pack of 3)

Red Humpy - (Pack of 3)

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The Red Humpy is a popular dry fly pattern used in fly fishing. It's known for its high visibility and buoyancy, making it an excellent choice for rough water conditions.

The body of the Red Humpy is typically made from red floss or thread, giving the fly its name. The body is often segmented with a ribbing material, like fine gold wire, to mimic the segmented bodies of many aquatic insects.

The wings of the Red Humpy are usually made from white or cream-colored calf hair or other buoyant material, tied upright to mimic the wings of many types of insects.

The fly also features a hump of deer or elk hair at the back, which gives the fly its buoyancy and its "humpy" name. 

The hackle is typically grizzly or brown and is wound around the hook at the front of the body, adding to the fly's floatability and creating a lifelike appearance.

Overall, the Red Humpy is a versatile and effective fly pattern that can be used in a variety of fishing conditions. Its high visibility makes it easy for anglers to spot on the water, and its buoyant design makes it an excellent choice for fishing in fast, turbulent water.

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