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Red Rusty Ant - (Pack of 3)

Red Rusty Ant - (Pack of 3)

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The Red Rusty Ant is a popular terrestrial fly pattern used in fly fishing. This fly is designed to imitate an ant, a common insect that often falls into the water and becomes a tasty meal for fish, particularly trout.

The body of the Red Rusty Ant is typically made from red and brown dubbing to mimic the segmented body of an ant. The body is often tied in two distinct sections to represent the ant's thorax and abdomen.

The legs are usually represented by hackle fibers, tied around the body sections. Some variations of this fly also include a wing made from clear or white synthetic material to represent a flying ant.

This fly is usually fished on the surface (as a dry fly), and its small size and realistic profile make it an excellent choice when fish are feeding selectively on small insects. It's an effective pattern to use during the summer months when ants are most active, but it can also produce fish at any time of the year.


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