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Eric Mueller

Reverse Bulkhead Hollow Fly - White body with chartreuse head

Reverse Bulkhead Hollow Fly - White body with chartreuse head

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The 6" to 7" Reverse Bulkhead Hollow Fly is a large, expertly crafted fly designed specifically for catching larger game fish species in both fresh and saltwater environments.

The body of this fly is a hollow tie, a technique that uses bucktail to create a large, voluminous profile without adding significant weight. This hollow body is designed to push water and create enticing movement while retaining its shape in the water, mimicking the behavior and appearance of larger baitfish.

The "reverse bulkhead" component of the fly refers to the unique tying method used. The materials are tied in reverse (back to front) and then pushed back and secured to create a bulbous, fish-attracting head that pushes a lot of water and gives the fly a distinctive, darting action when retrieved.

Despite its large size, the hollow tie technique ensures this fly remains lightweight enough to cast with standard fly fishing gear. It's an excellent choice for species such as tarpon, striped bass, pike, or musky.

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