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Eric Mueller

Reverse Bulkhead - White body with Orange head

Reverse Bulkhead - White body with Orange head

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This 6" to 7" Reverse Bulkhead fly is designed to mimic larger baitfish, making it an excellent choice for targeting larger predatory fish species.

The name "Reverse Bulkhead" refers to the unique construction method used in this fly. The bucktail is tied in reverse (from back to front) and then pushed back and secured to create a bulbous head. This head is designed to displace a large amount of water when the fly is retrieved, creating a pulsating action that mimics the movement of a distressed or injured baitfish.

The body of the fly is hollow, which allows it to maintain a large profile without adding significant weight. This makes the fly easier to cast and allows it to move more naturally in the water.

Despite its large size, the lightweight construction of the Reverse Bulkhead makes it suitable for casting with standard fly fishing gear. It's an excellent choice for species such as tarpon, striped bass, pike, or musky.

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