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Rogue Foam Stone Golden - (Pack of 3)

Rogue Foam Stone Golden - (Pack of 3)

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The "Rogue Foam Stone Golden" fly imitates mayfly nymphs with its realistic silhouette and coloring.

Tied from buoyant foam that suspends lightly in the surface film. The custom golden hue matches emerging golden stonefly nymphs that trout key in on.

The stout variegated foam body paired with lively rubber legs which kick enticingly to mimic stonefly legs and antennae, creates an irresistible motion.

Great for drifting solo when stoneflies are hatching. The golden foam body is highly visible and easy to track when used as an indicator for nymph rigs.

Handcrafted from premium materials. The custom tied foam details accurately imitate a vulnerable golden stonefly nymph in the surface film.

Fish the Rogue Foam Stone Golden during late spring and early summer stonefly activity. It's a go-to fly when trout are targeting these protein-rich bugs.

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