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Ruby Moore

Ruby Moore

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The Ruby Moore is a classic Atlantic salmon fly that originated in eastern Canada in the early 1900s. Angler Dudley Moore created this fly to represent the vivid spawning colors of an Atlantic salmon.

This bright fly features a rear red hackle tail, an orange floss body, and a front hackle collar of red and blue. The red hackle tail mimics the adipose fin of a salmon. The vibrant orange body represents the bright coloration of a spawning fish. The red and blue hackles imitate the changing hues along the back of a salmon.

The Ruby Moore works well for Atlantic salmon in clear, low water conditions. It is an excellent fly to use in autumn when salmon are moving into the rivers to spawn. Cast across-stream and swing it through tailouts and pools. The bright profile and colors make it very visible to salmon in the clear water.

Fish it on a floating line and long leader for maximum effectiveness in swinging through holding lies. This classic pattern consistently produces salmon when other flies fail to get results. Its lifelike silhouette and colors make it a must-have fly.

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