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Scud Bug - (Pack of 3)

Scud Bug - (Pack of 3)

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The Scud fly pattern is a popular and effective fly used in fly fishing. It is designed to imitate small freshwater crustaceans known as scuds, or freshwater shrimp, which are a common food source for many species of fish.

Scuds are found in many bodies of water, including both still and moving water. They tend to thrive in weedy areas and are especially common in lakes and slow-moving rivers.

The Scud fly pattern typically features a curved body to mimic the natural shape of a scud. It can be tied in a variety of colors, including olive, gray, and tan, to match the natural colors of the scuds in the local waters. The body is often made from dubbing and may be ribbed with wire for durability and to add a segmented appearance. Some versions also include a shellback made from a variety of materials to give the fly a more realistic appearance.

The Scud can be fished in a variety of ways but is often dead drifted along the bottom. The size of the Scud fly can vary, but commonly used sizes range from 12 to 18.

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