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Silver Blue

Silver Blue

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The Silver Blue is a classic Atlantic salmon fly that originated in Scotland in the early 1900s. Angler William Garden created this pattern to represent the silvery flash of a salmon flank in the water.

This simple but effective fly features a silver tinsel body, blue hackle, and a small white wing. The silver tinsel catches the light, mimicking the shine of a salmon's side. The blue hackle provides a subtle spot of color. The white wing represents a splash on the surface.

The Silver Blue works well for Atlantic salmon, steelhead, and sea-run brown trout. It is an excellent attractor pattern fished in clear water conditions. Cast across-stream and swing it through holding lies and riffles. The flashing tinsel body and colored hackle create an enticing wake.

Tie the Silver Blue on salmon hooks sized 2-6. Fish it on a floating line or sink tip to achieve the best presentation through the water column. This proven pattern has been catching fish for generations and continues to produce for anglers around the world. Its simplicity and flash make it a go-to fly.


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