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The Skunk is a classic Atlantic salmon fly that originated in eastern Canada in the early 1900s. It was created by anglers to imitate the coloration of a skunk, which inspired its name.

This attractor pattern features a black wing, tail, and body. A bright red or orange hackle collar provides a stark contrast to the black. The all-black coloration makes the fly highly visible in the water.

The Skunk works well for Atlantic salmon, steelhead, and sea-run brown trout. It fishes best in low, clear water conditions when darker patterns are more effective. Cast across-stream and swing it through likely holding lies. The bright hackle pulses in the current, grabbing the fish's attention.

Tie the Skunk on salmon hooks sized 6-8. Fish it on a floating line and long leader for maximum depth. It can also be fished wet on a sink tip or full sinking line. The Skunk is an excellent change-of-pace fly when the fishing is slow. Its unique coloration and profile makes it a go-to fly for anglers around the world.

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