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Golden Tippet Fly Co.

Stubby Chubby - (Pack of 3)

Stubby Chubby - (Pack of 3)

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The "Stubby Chubby" foam fly is a trout magnet. Its short, stout foam body suspends low in the surface film, tempting fish to strike.

Tied using durable foam that floats high while maintaining its shape. The custom colors match natural caddis, stoneflies, hoppers, and beetles that trout feed on.

Paired with lively rubber legs which kick enticingly in the current, they imitate vulnerable terrestrial insects.

Great for fishing dry-dropper rigs. The bright foam acts as a hi-viz indicator for nymph rigs. Easy to track and floats flies off the bottom.

Handcrafted from premium materials. The custom tied foam and lively rubber legs move realistically to trigger strikes.

Drift the Stubby Chubby solo for explosive dry fly eats. Or use it as an indicator for your go-to nymph setup. This foam fly consistently puts fish in the net.

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