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Golden Tippet Fly Co.

Thunder Thighs Hopper - Tan or Yellow - (Pack of 3)

Thunder Thighs Hopper - Tan or Yellow - (Pack of 3)

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Make a big splash with the "Thunder Thighs Hopper". This chubby foam hopper will get trout's attention.

The extra buoyant foam body suspends temptingly on the surface. It imitates vulnerable grasshoppers that trout love to eat. The hand tied foam is durable yet lively.

The yellow or tan colors match common hopper patterns. The stout foam legs kick realistically in the current. Segmented rubber legs add enticing motion.

Drift this fly solo for explosive dry fly takes. Or use it as a hi-viz indicator for nymph rigs. The Yellow and Tan colors stand out against the water and are easy to track.

Made with premium materials. The lively legs and stout foam body trigger instinctual predatory strikes.

Tempt more trout to the surface with the irresistible Thunder Thighs Hopper. This chubby hopper bug puts on a show fish can't resist.

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